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 Silicone bakeware
 Silicone chocolate bakeware
 Spring-form Pan - nonstick carbon steel bakeware
 Cookie sheet and Roaster pan
 Bund-form pan and Loaf pan
 Round pan ,Jerry tart and Pizza pan
 muffin pan
 Silicone and metal frame range
 Bakeware with silicone handle range
 Chicha Pan
 Promotional for festival days range
 Bakeware sets range
 Fry Pan range
 Mini-egg Pan range
 Ceramic bakeware range
 Tin plate bakeware

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Trillion Shine company is a professional supplier of  bakeware and run a wide of range products to cooperate with hundreds of manufactures in China . We ourselves also specialized in manufacturing non-stick bakeware and silicone bakeware .

We have large variety of silicone and non-stick carbon steel bakeware as well as different materials .Our main products include : muffin pan ,loaf pan ,roaster pan ,cookie sheet ,springform pan ,pizza pan ´╝îjerry pan and many more .We pursue safe ,green and easy -home -use products for millions of families all over the world .

Our company cares about its customers and follows market trends.In order to match first-range service ,we also build the strongest team which are very professional for our products and would like to give the best suggestion when customer met any problem. Our team have about more than 10 years’ experience for this line .Meanwhile our company also pay attention to new range of different lines ,we will invest new tooling to satisfy customers’ requirements every year .At the same time ,our company also will enrich our products to meet clients.

Good quality,competitive price ,fast delivery and professional service is our company’s unalterable goal .

We established our own brand “bake & bake” for bakeware products in 2013.

It’s your best choice for us .We are here ,wait for your joint .